A well-traveled, lifelong student of global culture, Barbara Biziou has devoted her career to inspiring, empowering and supporting people through life’s transitions and challenges.

Biziou’s abiding passions has been to adapt ancient rituals to current times into a practice she calls “ritual fusion,” integrating the wisdom of cross-cultural ceremonies, experiences, and meaningful practices to the maladies of modern life. She is the author of the Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals and she has been featured in The New York TimesChicago Tribune and Oprah.com. She has also appeared on television shows on CBS, NBC, FX and the Hallmark Channel. Biziou’s weekly newsletter currently reaches thousands of people and she contributes to Huffington PostMind Body GreenRewireme, and What Now, What Next. 

In addition to a mix of individuals who participate with Biziou in private sessions, milestone occasions and customized workshops, her client roster includes the International Red Cross, Coca-Cola, American Management Association, Equinox Gym, Morgan Stanley, Lord & Taylor and Weight Watchers. She also serves on the faculty of the NY Open Center, One Spirit Interfaith, Creating We Institute, and AMA.

In 2014, Barbara developed “Spirituality in the City,” a program that features small group tours to museums and spiritual destinations in the New York tri-state area.  She is currently developing a TV/digital media series based on this work that will feature similar “tours” of rituals around the world.

Barbara Biziou has been called a “practical spirituality” expert and “transformational catalyst” who employs a wide range of simple but powerful tools, techniques and stress-busting practices that promote the healing, healthy habits, and overall success of those whom she serves.

She lives in New York City.

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Ritual is one of the greatest spiritual technologies of the 21st Century. This series of consciously created symbolic acts gives you tools to shift your mindset, break through hidden barriers and open to an expanded vision for your life.

Rituals can be as simple as transforming your morning cup of tea into a ceremony of connection or placing a coin in a “success jar” to acknowledge your accomplishments. Or they can be as complex as organizing a wedding or memorial for hundreds of people.

Rituals anchor us and give us a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. They also add substance and meaning to our lives—enhancing daily routines, enriching milestones, and guiding us through life’s inevitable transitions. Rituals both support and honor the changes we experience and increase our capacity to overcome adversity, strengthen our relationships, and enhance our ability to experience joy and abundance.

Most importantly, rituals connect us to “Source.”  Through ritual work, we learn how to honor all of life’s passages, and as we do we gain new “spiritual muscles.”  In the end, physical resources may come and go, but spiritual resources last a lifetime.

Research in brain science now confirms that rituals have great power and influence over our minds. If we do a ritual of release, a part of our brain reads it as if it were true. When you participate in a ritual, in essence, you tell your brain that you have already completed whatever you have enacted symbolically, i.e. the victory has already been won!

Through my guided ritual work, I provide the simple, practical tools and techniques that you need to help you create inspiring rituals that can fill your life with meaning and transform your reality—personally, professionally and spiritually.

Why Ritual

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My personal journey to transformation

I grew up in Long Island, a suburban girl who always knew her soul belonged to the world. As I grew up and got my wings I traveled throughout Europe, worked in film with top directors, dove into the women’s movement and explored life with relentless passion. Until an unexpected tragedy changed everything. My sister died at the age of 24 from a brain tumor while I was six weeks pregnant with my son. I was told that I should not grieve too hard, or I could harm my unborn child. So, I ignored my repressed emotions until they came thundering out at a silent retreat in Arizona while alone on a mountaintop.

I realized in that moment that I had to heal my unprocessed pain from my sister’s death. Under the shade and protection of a lone grandmother tree, I was gifted with a process that would initiate me into the power of ritual and my soul’s calling. The ritual was buried deep in my bones, and it had been waiting patiently to bubble up and through me. During this profound healing, the course of my life shifted forever. My passion for transforming everyday experiences into sacred events emerged and I set out on an extraordinary journey around the world to gain a deeper understanding of what had taken place and how to best share it with others.

During this incredible decades-long global adventure, I had the unique privilege of teaching around the world and learning from many rich and diverse cultures. I was also given the opportunity to work with and be initiated into profound rituals by powerful thought leaders and spiritual teachers including Dr. Brugh Joy, an early pioneer in the mind-body connection,Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Hilda Charlton, Robert Fritz and Jean Houston. But the deepest & most profound experiences to influence my work were my hands-on training in ancient indigenous rituals from powerful teachers and healers from cultures as diverse as Balinese to Hawaiian, African to Native American and many more.

Traveling around the world, I began to share my newfound wisdom everywhere I went. I worked with women who had lost children to miscarriage and abortion, I blessed new homes and businesses, I started women’s new moon circles and taught individuals & companies about the importance of learning from other cultures and religions.

To this day, I continue to create a wide range of customized rituals and rites of passage for my clients. Through a unique alchemical marriage that pairs traditional indigenous rituals with contemporary Western reality, from weaving Balinese ritual into my monthly prosperity gatherings to Native American spirituality into business meetings to incorporating Hindu fire ceremonies into divorce rituals. Read more about the specific custom rituals I offer HERE.