Aligning with your unique talents and gifts

I was deeply moved by the movie Maudie that I saw last night. Sally Hawkins plays the Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis who yearns to create art. Each bird, each flower, each leaf is unique and special to her and she is in a constant state of delight at the majesty of nature. I won’t ruin the story for you…yes it is also a wonderful love story with Ethan Hawke, but it is enough to say she was an inspiration to many others and me.

It has gotten me thinking of how often we compare ourselves to others and constantly reference other things and places that we have been in the past. How many times have you heard someone look at a beautiful scene in nature, an ancient cathedral or building in another city or country and say, “oh this is just like…” By doing this we devalue the experiences that we are having in the present.

Let us use this time to experience life instead of comparing it to anything else. Just be. Allow your innate creativity to shine forth. You are a creator. You are special. You are unique and you are here to share it with others.

Here is a special meditation I recorded for you to open to your unique gifts and talents. Please share it with friends and your community.

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