Barbara’s New Year’s Rituals to bring in Prosperity, Peace, Love and Joy

Countdown to 2018. I want to invite you all to take this time to reflect on 2017. We were all given the opportunity to see our individual and collective shadow; for many of us it was very uncomfortable and challenging, however, we are now at a turning point where we can refocus and make different choices for 2018. I suggest you do this slowly and with gentleness.

By ritually putting our dreams into the hand of Spirit we make it possible for something bigger and better to emerge while we move into greater alignment with the Universe. Being in community is where we draw the strength needed to effect real lasting change…our individual burdens lighten up as we come together, which is why I feel so passionately about my workshop, Vision 2018: Pivot Your Energy, Change Your Life. This year I will be doing one in NYC and one in Hawaii. To make it easier for you we are offering affordable and convenient payment plans.

The time for pushing is over

The time for allowing is NOW

As you get caught up in the routines and busy-ness of your life, you get lost in secondary choices and lose focus on your higher vision

Remember that the first 12 days of the year symbolically represent the entire year. Thus January 1st represents all of January, January 2nd represents all of February, and so on. Consciously intend for the best and take action aligned with this higher vision and watch it show up this year. If you find you are getting off track, simply stop, be gentle with yourself and move on. To help you do this, I am gifting you with my FREE  12 day Intention Intensive. Each day starting January 1st you will receive (via email) a FREE mp3 to guide you towards success, joy and health.

Barbara’s favorite Prosperity Ritual: Do this the first time you enter your home or office after Midnight on New Year’s Eve for prosperity. Also, be sure to wear new red underwear on New Year’s Day to bring in love. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

One more thing…Hatsuyume (初夢) – It is believed that the dream you have on the night of January 1st will tell your fortune for the upcoming year. In Japan, the night of December 31st was often passed without sleeping, thus the Hatsuyume was often the dream seen the night of January 1st. Pay attention to your dreams!



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