You can take control of your monkey mind…here’s how.

I was talking to a good friend the other day and suddenly she went into a panic. She hadn’t heard from her significant other that morning and she began to spin out and imagine the worst…. a car accident…a health trauma…. “ What if she is dead?” She said. I was stunned since my friend is a very positive person and very conscious.

Then it hit me that although we may be generally positive and optimistic it still may not stop us from jumping to disaster scenarios in certain areas of our lives. For example: have you ever started coughing and suddenly the fear of bronchitis or pneumonia pops in your head? Or your boss doesn’t smile at you and you get a fear flash that you are going to be fired. You have a great date with a new person and you immediately assume that it isn’t going to work out.


So what stories are you making up about your prosperity, health, career, love life or just in general? If the stories are not supporting you moving in the direction that you choose to go in, it is time to create a new story.

The next time your monkey mind starts spinning out disaster stories, stop, take a deep breath and say the following:

Mind, I command you to obey the Mighty I AM PRESENCE and disregard all other information.

Say this three times out loud with authority and know you are commanding your lower mind to be subservient to your Higher Mind.

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