The Gift of Spring

After months of bitter cold and darkness we think that spring will never come. We long to be outside without the constraint of heavy coats and boots. And then one day it arrives; The streets are filled with people seeking the warmth and light. Cafes are filled with happy faces soaking in the sunshine and the parks and streets are filled with children and adults excited to play outside again as the days grow longer. The whole world seems to celebrate the sacred ritual of rebirth. Our senses are stirred.

Spring is a time of infinite new possibilities. April 1st, in fact, used to be considered New Year’s Day, and anyone who didn’t realize it was considered an “April fool”.

Every culture, past and present, celebrates the promise and fertility of spring with sacred rituals. In Rome, the lengthening of the day that followed the vernal (spring equinox) was marked by sacrifices to celebrate the death and rebirth of Attis, the god of vegetation. Goddesses of fertility – the Greeks’ Aphrodite, the Native American’s Spider woman, Mexico’s Tonantizin, Africa’s Oshun, Norway’s Freya, and Rome’s Flora – were all honored in the spring.

Rituals of Spring: This is the time to honor your sensuality. Experiment with scents that heighten your awareness to the world of senses. Fill your home with the fragrance of roses, jasmine and lilacs; listen to the sweet- songs of the birds. Eat foods that taste of spring.

One of my favorite legends says if you bathe your face in the early morning dew of spring, you will have beauty all year long. Get up early one morning and try it.

Clear Out: Release the heaviness of winter by cleaning out your home. In ancient Rome women cleaned their house in honor of the goddess Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. Get up early and gather clothes, toys, books and other items that clutter up your space. Donate them to a shelter, a school or a needy family. Include your children. This is a great way to create the space for “new life” to emerge; it reinforces the idea that giving is a blessing. When you are finished, you will feel lighter and it will change the energy in your home and life. Purify your space by burning sage or copal. Open up all the windows and let the fresh air in.

Flower Power: Patricia Monaghan in Magical Gardens inspired me to give flowers tied with ribbons on which wishes for the season are written to friends and strangers that you meet during this time. It reminds me of the early peace marches in New York when we gave out daffodils to strangers as a sign of peace and hope for the world.

Most importantly, enjoy this new season that is upon us and make it your mission to relish in the gifts of spring!

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In Celebration of International Women’s Day

Let’s not just encourage women to smash through the glass ceiling, but empower them to build their own towers” — Richard Branson

This years theme for International Women’s Day on March 8th is  #BeBoldForChange.

Remember this is not a women’s issue it is a human issue.

I personally love that concept and have said that 2017 is the year for Belonging and Action….we all must become ambassadors for change this year.

I made a video in 2014 on the meaning of International Women’s Day that I want to share with you today. The theme of 2014 was Inspiration and I am struck by the fact that we have taken a big step forward, but many steps backwards. Inspiration can allow us to dream bigger, but without strategic action we cannot ground the dream into physical reality.

No one learns in a vacuum and we all need mentors to learn from. This is the belonging that I have spoken of. We need our tribe and we need others outside our tribe who have experiences and knowledge that we do not have. Then it is time to play it forward by sharing our own wisdom and experiences.

At this time of the year I also like to remember Queen Esther. Her story is celebrated in the Jewish Holiday of Purim beginning March 11th. For me this is a story where a woman takes on her power and moves from a beauty queen to a powerful courageous leader. To read more Click Here.

As a ritual for International Women’s Day, commit to mentoring one woman or girl for at least 6 months.

To discover more about International Women’s Day watch the video below:


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A Meditation to Quiet Your Mind and Open Your Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day of love…love for you, love for others, love for community and the planet. Love not only feels good, but it literally nourishes our body just like food and sunlight. Out of all the positive emotions (joy, hope, gratitude, awe, etc.) love is considered the SUPER emotion because of its powerful effects on our well-being. Love can literally influence what parts of our DNA get expressed in our cells.

In order to be open hearted it is important to be balanced. Today I want to gift you a simple moving meditation that will balance your mind body and spirit; allowing for integration between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Not only will it bring you a feeling of peace and contentment, but it also strengthens your abs and stretches out your muscles.

The more relaxed you are, the more you allow in love, joy and success.

Click Here to watch today’s video.

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Work with Me – In addition to private coaching, I also facilitate Weddings, Baby Blessings, Space Clearings, New Home/Business Blessings and rituals for all of life’s transitions. Call our office at 212-741-3358 for details.

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