Celebrate Summer

Summer is synonymous with love, romance, and joy. It is a time of celebration, which dates back to ancient day, when ceremonies were performed to represent symbolic marriages between mortals and gods.

Traditionally, cultures around the world have seen summer as a celebration of the strength and fertility of Mother Earth and of other goddesses and gods. The Romans dedicated the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) to Vesta, goddess of the hearth and the Greeks to Hestia, who served the same purpose in their culture.

Since this is a time when the sun begins to wane, Ancient cultures around the world lit bonfires to guarantee the sun’s return next year. Often, as part of these rituals, celebrants picked prized summer flowers and herbs (mugwort, chamomile, geranium, St. John’s wort, thyme, and pennyroyal) to throw on their festive bonfires. They believed these fires would banish sickness from their livestock and their families. For good luck, they jumped across the fire and even walked on hot coals, precursor to the firewalking ceremonies practiced today.

Today summer rituals are practiced around the world, which echo these ancient beliefs. In North America, Native Americans celebrate with a Sun Dance: offering a healing prayer to the Great Spirit and one of thanksgiving for the gift of the buffalo and for life itself. The ritual can last four days, as the participants dance to unify with Spirit and harmonize with all life.

Summer is a glorious time to celebrate the sacredness of fire. Bring dancing, music and laughter into your life. Pay attention to the flowers around you. Delight in the colors. Let yourself smile and express joy. The more you practice feeling joyful, the more joy you will experience.

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Creating an altar is one of the best ways I know to bring a sacred element into your home. It has the power to transport you away from everyday concerns and connect all of you to something larger than yourself.

Find a spot that won’t be disturbed. It can be on top of a table, on a shelf, or you can even create a portable altar by placing items in a small box or case. Fill your altar with meaningful symbols: pictures of a Spiritual teacher/guide or loved family members, an object that connects you to nature like a shell or stone and something that reminds you of a happy time in your life. I personally keep a picture of me swimming with Dolphins on my altar. I also place a fresh flower and symbolic power elements (like a shark’s tooth and prayer beads I was given in India) on my altar. Feel free to change it around every season. Be creative. This is about YOUR life.

Spend a few minutes contemplating it every day and make sure to keep it clean. No car keys or dirty coffee cups please! Remember what you focus on has energy and you are magnetizing these elements into your life.

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