In Memory of Louise Hay

I want to share a gem of wisdom from Louise Hay, who recently passed on at the age of 90. Many of you know her as the founder of Hay House, but when I first read her book Heal your Body in 1976 it was a radical concept to think that your thoughts and emotions contributed to your physical health. The book was filled with more than 200 causes for physical illness and affirmations for overcoming them. And it cost about $5.

When interviewed one time she shared the following exercise, which I loved:

Place your hands on your heart and ask, “What would you have me say YES to today?” Then listen, take notes, and act accordingly.

What a great way to jump-start our Fall Season. Thank you Louise!

We are looking for a new venue for our annual Vision Workshop in January. Please contact if you know of a great place that holds a minimum of 50 people.

Work With Me:

In this “chaotic” environment that we live in, it is a challenge to stay true to your dreams and visions without a strong support team.

September brings with it the possibilities of a new cycle and a chance to re-boot. This is a time when we get to start all over again. We are able to renew our hopes, aspirations and dreams. Ritual helps you make this time a big adventure.

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Many Blessings,


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