Navigating Times of Transition

In the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about what it takes to go through change consciously.

Any change is like a death. There is a letting go of “the way it used to be”… a transition period that eventually moves into a redefining of your worldview and identity, and finally an acceptance and embracing of the new.

And it takes time. As Angeles Arien so wisely said, “During times of not knowing, it is considered foolish to take action and an act of wisdom to wait and trust.”

I am learning to move beyond the need to know. I am practicing flexibility while staying present in the moment. Remaining still as the still waters of the heart well. As I search for a quiet place to nourish and refresh my body and soul on its journey to wholeness…expanding my capacity to be open to what is revealed in the moment.

As I honor my process in its own timing I realize that there is no one correct path. Each moment we have choices to make and experiences to feel.

One of my biggest challenges has been staying in my feelings without shutting down. I hope that this can build the muscles I need to move forward consciously as the old structures fall apart.

I find I have times of great exhaustion and times of high-energy peaks. And I am discovering what depletes me and what fills me up.

Dancing fills me. The ocean fills me. Flowers fill me. Meditation fills me. Over planning and overdoing deplete me. Negative people deplete me. Watching the news depletes me.

So for the moment I am on the roller coaster of life. And as my friend The Reverend Elizabeth Longo said at Unity on Sunday “Find your “G spot” (the God spot) and you will be able to hold life in your heart.”

Work With Me:

In addition to private coaching, I also facilitate Weddings, Baby Blessings, Space Clearings, New Home/Business Blessings and rituals for all of life’s transitions. Call our office at 212-741-3358 for details.

I’m taking the show on the road! If you’d like to sponsor a one or two day workshop in your city, contact to discuss.

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