Now is the time to Vibrate Higher

The cries from around the world are overwhelming and it is hurting my heart like I know it must be for all of you.

How do we stay strong yet keep our hearts open? For me, the answer is strengthening my spiritual connection and building radical hope. Hope that our goodness wins out against the hatred. Hope that we build strong communities. Hope that we learn to listen to others who have different perspectives. Hope that we will become “the ones that we are waiting for.”

To help you move into a higher vibrational state where this can be possible, I am gifting you with a meditation “You’re Soul’s Gold”

SPECIAL EVENT: Astrological Magic Series with Barbara Biziou and Rebecca Gordon. Once a year the planet of luck and abundance, Jupiter, aligns with our Sun to create a portal of brightness and opportunity for us on earth. This astrological event will occur on October 26th and will be known as the luckiest day of the year to bring out your brightest potential. Therefore, any action taken near this window will have the seal of Jupiter-Sun which means expansion, opportunity, and overall sense of being in the right place at the right time.

Join Rebecca Gordon, Professional Astrologer and Barbara Biziou, Urban Priestess and Ritual Master, for an evening of ritual, meditation, and creating your talismanic passport. What you manifest in our circle will be imbued with the energy of this auspicious and rare cosmic alignment in the skies. We will explore collectively what Jupiter-Sun means and how it affects each Zodiac sign. Let’s co-create with cosmos!

October 26, 2017 at 6:30pm in NYC. CLICK HERE to sign up!

GOOD NEWS: We have found the perfect place for our Vision 2018 Weekend! It will be held at MEET in Soho. Special guest Rebecca Gordon will be joining us again for a powerful astrology update. Registration opens soon! .

Work With Me:

“Working with Barbara gave me the the tools to help me focus on what I would like to change about myself and how to begin to do this. She is a gifted teacher and a true inspiration.” – KVS

If you are willing to show up and say “I am ready” then it is time for a tarot reading, private ritual and/or coaching session. Call our office at 212-741-3358 to book. Barbara is also available for Keynotes and workshops at your business.

Many Blessings,



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