Plant Your Roots where they will be Nourished and Supported

Happy Halloween! To find out more about this ancient Celtic holiday check out my video HERE.

Last week as I was facilitating many personal and group rituals (theater blessing, space clearing, becoming a mother ceremony, luckiest day of the year ritual, starting a new business ritual), it became clear to me that when you set strong intentions within the container of a ritual, it is like installing a powerful tracking system for accessing higher benevolent energies from Spirit.

In order to keep the energy strong once we complete these rituals, it is also essential that we look at how we are nourishing and sustaining ourselves. Like a plant, we need to see if our roots are embedded in rich fertile soil or planted in earth that will not allow us to grow and expand.

As we move closer to the end of 2017, pay attention to non supportive relationships, beliefs and patterns that are not aligned with the higher visionyou desire.

You have the ability to create a life of abundance, but only if you plant your roots where they will be nourished and supported.

You have unlimited creativity that wants to be utilized. Surround yourself with people and things that offer inspiration. Allow your life to be filled with playful adventures.

A recent SUCCESS!! A few weeks ago I did a space clearing on a home in Brooklyn that was on the market to be sold. A few days after the clearing a potential buyer came to view the home and I am happy to announce that they are now officially in contract! This home had been on the market for months prior to the clearing!

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