A Prayer for Love, Peace and Light

I am writing this as eclipse fever is hitting our country. Besides the physical pheromones of this major event, on the spiritual level it is a unique opportunity to connect to our Divine Light and re-imagine our lives and the planet. Spiritual teachers around the world are calling for a letting go of our outdated self- images and a collective focus on creating a world of love, peace, prosperity and mutual respect.

To add to this energy, Thursday August 24th is Ganesh Chaturthi – a special time when Lord Ganesha returns to Earth to bestow special blessings. He is the god of overcoming obstacles and millions of people worship him as the Lord of success. If you are like me, you will be doing special prayers Thursday and Friday to Ganesha.

My friend Lavinia Errico introduced me to Naam Yoga the other day and I was very touched by one of their prayers. I find it very powerful and recommend you try it for a week and see how you feel.

Love before me

Love behind me

Love at my left

Love at my right

Love above me

Love below me

Love unto me

Love in my surroundings

Love to all

Love to the Universe


Peace before me

Peace behind me

Peace at my left

Peace at my right

Peace above me

Peace below me

Peace unto me

Peace in my surroundings

Peace to all

Peace to the Universe  


Light before me

Light behind me

Light at my left

Light at my right


Many Blessings,


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