The Process of Letting Go

As many of you know, since my Mom’s passing, I am in the process of clearing out our home in Florida.

It is bringing up both happy and sad emotions. I believe that every thought and interaction we have is imprinted on our consciousness and remains in our physical space.

Throughout our lives, we establish spiritual cord connections between our self and other people, places or things. These cords are created whenever we think about someone or something, speak about them, or take some action that involves them.

In Hawaiian shamanism they are called Aka Cords. The more time you spend with someone the stronger the “Aka” cords may be.

My house in Florida is filled with memories. It is a challenge not to read every birthday card, look at every photo (we have thousands dating back to when my grandparents were young) or hold on to every plate, cup or candlestick. In fact, I found myself sitting with a felt scissor case I made my mother at 4H camp when I was 8 years old. Yes, she kept it in her sewing box!

I am so grateful that my brother Mark, my friend Liz and others in my community have jumped in to help. It makes a big difference having support at this time when I can vacillate from feeling totally fragile and sad to being focused and clear as a bell.

Letting go is a process; sometimes easy and sometimes hard. The key is to know that we are making new memories every moment and that Spirit will always fill an empty space.

Work With Me:

I will be back in NYC next week so feel free to book your tarot card readings, private coaching sessions or rituals now. I am also expanding my “celebrant practice” to include custom weddings, prenuptial ceremonies, baby blessings, fertility ceremonies as well as all rites of passage including space clearings, new home blessings and prosperity rituals. Contact me at for details.

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