Scrubbing the Soul Clean

What a week this is: There is a New Moon in Virgo, The Fall Equinox and The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah). For a lover of ritual, this is a powerful mix of energies that allow us to create anew.

I have spoken about this before, but it is worth repeating: One of my favorite rituals is the ritual of Tashlich…it is a symbolic releasing of our sins into the water. What I love about it is the connection between our taking action to release, and the helping hand that comes from Spirit. As we move into action…spirit comes to help us.

Traditionally we throw small pieces of bread into moving water. This way the bread feeds the birds and fishes. Each piece represents the things that blind us to our own truth. We release anything that we have done by our words, deeds or actions that have harmed others or ourselves. We release our sense of inadequacy, our limiting viewpoints, and anything that has hardened our hearts. In fact, the biggest sin is the one of forgetting our own Divinity and connection to God. My Rabbi David Ingber called it a ritual of scrubbing the soul clean.

Even if this is not in your tradition, I recommend you try this ritual this week.

Reflect on the past year and focus on the things that you are ready to cast off. Take small pieces of bread and throw them into moving water. If you are not near water, take a bowl and throw them in the bowl.

Throw away the pain from the past.

Throw away the judgments that keep you from seeing the bigger picture.

Throw away the resentments and anger that keep your heart closed.

Throw away the should and could.

Throw away the need to compare yourself to others.

Throw away anything that keeps you small and stuck.

Prayer Un’taneh Tokef:

 “May your actions transform this world from a world of harshness to a world of compassion, from a world of ignorance to a world of enlightenment, from a world of death to a world of life renewed, and from a world where sin destroys us to a world where we destroy sin.”

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