Stop Shoulding on Yourself

Many of the people close to me have been experiencing great challenges at this time.  They are struggling with their health, trying to achieve the success they desire, longing for a life partner or just wanting to re-invent their lives.  And some are fairly content, but know that there are changes coming and thus are anxious to get started. Once again I am so aware that this journey of life is not made for us to do alone. Without a support team in place, we feel isolated, alone and, in some cases, hopeless. My intention is that we support each other this year and truly create sustainable community and a sense of ease.

As many of you know, that is why I continue to run workshops that bring people together. One of the best ways I know to create the life that you desire is to connect with other like-minded souls. You do not have to know what it is that you want, you just have to be willing to let go of what is not working and show up to experience new possibilities. This January you have a special opportunity to join me in many diverse workshops including my signature annual VISION 2016: Be the Star in Your Own Life 3 day workshop, and additional shorter workshops at the New York Open Center, Unity of New York and Tournesol Wellness. You can also join me online at the upcoming WhatNow WhatNext Google hangout.

This is a time when the majority of people are making New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, only 8% of people who make resolutions achieve them. Here are some simple things in my video above that you can do to be one of the 8%.

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