The Power of the Four Elements


In my own spiritual practice I have seen how imbalance is created when I overextend myself. I then have less energy to create and play and my sabotaging mind jumps in full force to over analyze everything and create confusion.

As we move into the summer season, I want to share this video my son Jourdan made for me when I was in California. It explaines how we can use the power of the 4 elements as we move through all transitions.

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#RitualChallenge Week Two: Bless the Earth

The earth is a miracle that we have taken for granted. This week, as we move into Earth Day (April 22nd) and Arbor Day (April 24th), your Ritual Challenge is to connect and bless nature. The earth is a living consciousness and responds to our love and caring. Think of Mother Earth as a being who can nourish you and therefore deserves our compassionate attention.

Sit quietly with a bowl of water in your hands. Place a small crystal in the water and say the following:

“I know I am a reflection of the earth and I offer her love and healing. As the earth grows and flourishes, so shall all my prayers and dreams grow and manifest with good to all concerned.”  

Now put your personal prayers for yourself, your family, your community and Mother Earth into this blessed water.

Place the bowl in sunlight for 7 hours. As you go about your week take some of the water with you in a small bottle to pour near a tree, in a garden or in a park. As you pour the water, feel your love moving deep into the earth, connecting with the heart of the planet.


Be conscious of recycling, using biodegradable products and honoring the earth. At least once a day, touch a tree and send healing deep down into its roots knowing that all trees have a collective consciousness and as we heal one we heal all.

If you need healing for yourself, stand barefoot (if possible) with your back to a tree and allow your spine to touch the trunk. In your mind’s eye connect to the power of nature to bring you the healing you desire. Always give thanks when you are finished.

To participate in a global healing this week check out

You can also join me on Wednesday April 22nd at 5pm for a FREE Earth Day Healing Meditation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Point B Studios. For more information click HERE.

See you next Tuesday as we move into week three of the Ritual Challenge!

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