The Power of the Four Elements


In my own spiritual practice I have seen how imbalance is created when I overextend myself. I then have less energy to create and play and my sabotaging mind jumps in full force to over analyze everything and create confusion.

As we move into the summer season, I want to share this video my son Jourdan made for me when I was in California. It explaines how we can use the power of the 4 elements as we move through all transitions.

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Free Meditation: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

As many of you know, I was in Paris on Sept 11, 2001. Watching the events of the past few days has reminded me of the communal healing rituals we all needed to participate in to stay grounded in the wake of the fear and shock. Every crisis that humankind confronts teaches us that a feeling of safety and connection in the face of life’s challenges is not a luxury but a necessity. These rituals are the universal lifelines that offer us deliverance from fears real and imagined. They resurrect us from the heart of despair and return us to wholeness.

I was going to write about my Peruvian Pilgrimage today and with the events of the past week in Paris, I feel it is even timelier. It is so important to find ways to stay centered and in our hearts without letting the fear and anger take over. It is not an easy situation.


Peruvian wisdom is very practical and direct. Here are steps you can follow to live a life of joy, love, wisdom and prosperity.

Munay: Practice loving with open heart. The Peruvians believe that we are all children of the sun and that our job is to keep our hearts open. Every ritual begins with asking Spirit to release any heavy energy that weighs you down and blocks your spiritual growth. In this way you become open to more joy and blessings.

Yachay: We need the right kind of knowledge guided by wisdom to live in beauty. In order to do this you first learn from the elders and then pass on the wisdom to the next generation. It also requires time to learn about nature and the environment. Direct experience guided by your intuition is crucial. Can you apply what you are learning in the real world to make it a better place?

Llankay: We seek to develop right action so you do good work and leave a good legacy. We are the ancestors of the future so everything we do leaves a mark for the future generations. It is wonderful to receive the blessings of Spirit but what are you going to give back?

Kawsay: Respect for life and the life-sustaining processes. I was very impressed with the Peruvian’s attention to re-cycling and honoring nature. We took a boat on Lake Titicaca and they tied it to the dock with old tires. All the food I ate was organic and Non-GMO…. Hmmm…how do you honor nature, recycle and eat pure food?

Ayni: Reciprocity is the guiding principle of the Andean shamanic path. If someone needs a roof on their house, everyone chips in and helps. Then, when you need something, it is a given that you will get the help you need. Are you reaching out to help others in need?

Remember the time of the Lone Ranger is long gone…we are all in this together, part of a community of people inhabiting our very sacred planet.

Let there be love on earth and let it begin with our open hearts.

I have recorded a short meditation to keep you in your heart and guide you from chaos and anxiety back to calmness.  Listen  below:


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Shift Your Vibration Instantly

One of the things that I love to do is gather spiritual practices and global rituals and then share them with my friends and clients. I noticed that one of the practices that I keep on sharing is the finger hold technique – a jin shin jyutsu technique (ancient Japanese Healing Art which harmonizes, body, mind, and spirit. ) – I learnt from my friend Nancy Walsh.

I have used this with a young woman who was having trouble sleeping, a client who was afraid of elevators, a business executive who suffered from extreme jet lag and numerous clients who needed a way to easily deal with their frustration at work. I taught this technique to all of them and each one had a great and positive experience so I thought I would re-share it with all of you. It is a simple way to release extreme emotions and bring you to a state of calm and relaxation.

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