The Power of the Four Elements


In my own spiritual practice I have seen how imbalance is created when I overextend myself. I then have less energy to create and play and my sabotaging mind jumps in full force to over analyze everything and create confusion.

As we move into the summer season, I want to share this video my son Jourdan made for me when I was in California. It explaines how we can use the power of the 4 elements as we move through all transitions.

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The Power of Creating Sacred Space

Barbara_Biziou_ritualHonoring transitions is something we do not normally take the time to do.  So when my friend DJ asked me to lead a women’s group in Cary, North Carolina I immediately said yes.

After eating and sharing fabulous beauty tips (who knew that nipple cream was great for chapped lips?) we all moved outside to a beautiful rose garden. Each woman shared a transition that she was going through and they ranged from starting new careers to mourning the loss of loved one. All generations were represented from Gen Y to Traditionalist (age 21-81) – my favorite kind of group.

I am always reminded how important it is to tell our stories and find comfort in the midst of life’s ups and downs. We share, we cry, we laugh and we heal. And we are held in the cradle of the Divine.  As we experience the presence of  sacred ritual in our lives everything changes.

As always in my sacred circles, we release what no longer serves, connect to Divine guidance and set intention to live a life of miracles and authenticity. A few of the women told me that the intentions they came in with were very different from the intentions they left with. When we are open to allowing Spirit to live through us a vast current of clarity and inspiration flows in to help us claim our spiritual power.

We ended with prayers for peace and healing and we sang this chant

From you I receive

To you I give

Together we share

And from this we live.


Transitions ritual in North Carolina.


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