The Power of Flowers

Those of you who have spent time with me know that I love flowers. In my New York apartment I have created a magic garden to bring me the energies that I need to purify, center and enhance each moment.

I love the way they look and I love the scent of the plant kingdom that allows us to heal, relax and open to joy and love.

Here are a few of my favorites and their properties.

Gardenias: My mother loved this flower and I was blessed to have our gardenia tree bloom while she was making her transition. Each day I cut some and put them in a bowl of water for her. This flower is linked to the moon and the energies of peace, love and spirituality. Scott Cunningham,  in his book Magical Aromatherapy, has suggested that on the full moon you place some fresh gardenias in water and link to the lunar energies to strengthen your spiritual connection.

Jasmine: This is my personal favorite and I wear its essential oil as a perfume (I only use the pure natural oil and do not use the synthetic version). Jasmine is calming, soothing and is an aphrodisiac. It is sensuous and uplifting. Legend says that wearing jasmine will bring good luck and increase.

Rose: Opens the heart and turns our thoughts to love and happiness. Pink is for compassion, sweetness and gentleness, red for love and sexuality, white traditionally represents purity and new beginnings which is why many people use them at weddings (although in some cultures white roses are given to those in mourning), yellow roses symbolize happiness and friendship, while orange roses represent passion and excitement.

Hydrangea: These flowers are beautiful to look at and symbolize gratitude and deep emotions.  According to a Japanese legend, a proud emperor used a bouquet of hydrangeas as an apology to the family of a girl with whom he was in love.

I also love honeysuckle, which is rumored to increase weight loss and increase psychic awareness and is used in many money-drawing rituals along with the herb basil.

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