The Power of the Four Elements

During our spiritual pilgrimage to  ancient Egyptian at the Met on Saturday, I shared how the goddess Maat teaches us that for our  hearts to be lighter than a feather, we must let go of the heaviness, guilt, shame and regret in order to claim our authenticity and creative talents.

The Equinoxes are the two days out of the whole year when the northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight and the days and nights are the same length. So too do we take time to balance, to rest and to simply be.

In my own spiritual practice I have seen how imbalance is created when I overextend myself. I then have less energy to create and play and my sabotaging mind jumps in full force to over analyze everything and create confusion.

So, this week  as we move into the new Fall Season (Spring in the southern hemisphere) I want to share this video my son Jourdan made for me when I was in California. It is how we can use the power of the 4 elements as we move through all transitions.

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