My Top Tips for Success in 2017

Last week I was blessed to speak at Urban Zen and The New York Open Center. Each time, I was aware of the mixed energy of positive excitement and total chaos and despair.

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Day, I was guided to go up on my roof and do a ritual to open to the freedom, tolerance and respect that he stood for. By breaking up the stuck heaviness of fear, anxiety, polarization, lack and limitation we can open to the higher frequencies of love, joy, respect and creativity.

Click HERE to watch! 

Here are my top tips for Success in 2017:

1. Ground yourself

You cannot be fully present in your life if you are only in your head. It is important to be connected to your body and your spirit to gain full access to your power. Dance, go ice-skating, walk on the beach (yes, even in the winter), practice a walking meditation.

 2. Honor Your Feelings

If you get stuck in the “shoulds” there is a lack of connection and the energy level goes down. When fear is present, give your inner child a hug.

3. Look for the joy in the present

Look for the simple things that make you smile. Appreciate what you do have: stop focusing so much on what you do not have. Speak only words of harmony. Let your inner child out to play.

4. Acknowledge yourself as valuable and then treat yourself with the care that you would give to a valuable person

You will naturally notice a greater willingness to let go of unhealthy, destructive behaviors or growth inhibiting relationships of all kinds.

5. Take small consistent steps towards achieving your goals

Break your goals down into doable action steps. Commit to 5 minutes of meditation, do 10 sit-ups/pushups. Save $1.00 a week in a savings jar.

6. Get support

Know that you do not have to do everything yourself. Connect to a supportive community. Find an exercise partner. Hire a coach. Get a venting partner. The day of the “lone ranger” is over.

7. Be aware of your negative gremlins…and find ways to deal with them

Negative voices in our heads create stress and make it harder to move forward. It is important for you to be the internal traffic controller- Learn to be a master of your mind. Get help if you need it.

8. Let Spirit be the CEO of your life

The past is over and NOW is the time when you co-create your future. The Divine may have bigger plans for you so always add “this or something better” when setting goals.

Vision 2017 weekend is taking place on the New Moon and Chinese New Year…it’s the perfect energy to skyrocket your dreams into practical realities. According to our special guest Astrologer, Rebecca Gordon, On this powerful weekend, Mercury, our planet that rules communication and ideas with join in the sky with Pluto, the planet that rules transformation. This unique alignment will allow us all to effortlessly release the old patterns and blocks so that we can fully align with our true power and purpose.

Rebecca will be creating customized mini birth charts for each Vision attendee, so be sure to sign up by Tuesday January 24th to make sure your chart is prepared in time for the workshop!

Many Blessings,


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