Vision 2016: Be the Star of your Own Life!


Vision Banner 3transparent spacer for wordpressAre you ready to step into the life you were born to live?

The world is your stage and NOW is the time for you to claim the spotlight.

How would you like to…

Be bold enough to ask for what you want?

Be confident enough to chase your dreams relentlessly?

Be tuned in enough to attract the people, projects, love and prosperity that would be most beneficial to you?

All of this is possible when you take the time to:

  • Release the outdated vision of your life.
  • Shift to thoughts and activities more in alignment with what you truly desire.
  • Transform the inner blocks that prevent you from moving forward with confidence.
  • Implement powerful practices to support your new way of thinking.

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to release the unconscious scripts that may have kept you from letting your light shine. It is time to move from GOOD to GREAT in all aspects of your life.

Vision Collage number 2

For the past 20 years my Vision workshop has helped countless individuals kick off their new year with the energy of possibility and purpose.

Right now, in this moment, can you say that you are fully embracing all of the possibilities that are available to you?

Or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by saying YES to everyone except yourself?

Are you seizing every moment, every opportunity, and every chance to live your best life?

If not, then NOW is the time to make a commitment to play even bigger in 2016.

♦ Get out of your head and into your heart

♦ Release your old self-image and limiting beliefs

♦ Reconnect with your highest self and true passionsbecome the star banner

Are you paying attention to the signs and signals that the universe is giving you?

Is it time to let yourself off the hook of an obligation that is no longer serving you?

Perhaps you have been feeling the desire to change direction in some area of your life, or maybe you’re ready to fully step into your greatness and stop playing small.

Whatever your inner voice is asking of you, it is also calling you to be greater, to dream bigger and to be daring in your pursuits!

This year I am happy to announce a very talented special guest teacher Joule L’Adara, who will lead a sound healing session Joule joyously leads vocal empowerment play-shops through her company Sounding Circles, featuring her original 3-step facilitation method designed to unleash people’s self-expression, creativity, and personal power through their voices. She is also a professional opera singer with a Master of Fine Arts in Multi-Focus Vocal Performance and Integrated Media and twenty years of experience singing and performing.



Along with sound healer Joule there will  the added energy of a drumming circle with world drummer, teacher, and band leader Lee Farber along with  golden connector and one of our own, Jan Goldstoff.





As a special treat Miriam Novalle from The T Salon will be offering her special blends to our group.



Emil testimonial

How can VISION 2016 catapult you forward?

  • Reconnect with your creative power and unique gifts through art, movement, meditation, practical exercises, sound and ritual.
  • Take part in powerful exercises, like Vision Collaging, designed to help you bring your innermost desires to life and crystallize new possibilities for the year ahead. This is not your mother’s plain Jane vision board!
  • Participate in Barbara’s powerful fire Release Ritual to help you honor and let go of your emotional and mental blocks.
  • Learn important tools you can use to manage daily stresses and sustain energy, which will keep you on track with your Vision for the whole year.
  • Connect with a supportive like-minded community who will embrace your new vision and be a source of positive inspiration.

collage vision 2016

My VISION Workshop has been going strong for over 20 years because it works  and in a HUGE way! I’ve witnessed the powerful and potent energy which occurs when a passionate and determined group of people meet to combine together their hearts, bodies, minds & visions. United as a force of focused intention, it’s far easier (and more fun!) to produce tangible life-improving results.

Catherine Frels Testimonial

In numerology 2016 is a 9 year which represents the principle of completion and the archetype of the wise person. This is the year to complete unfinished business to free up emotional and psychological space for what is to come. It is time to reorganize and restructure your life in a way that is more harmonious with your true nature.

In tarot 2016 equates to the number 19 which is powered by the energy of the sun. Team work, partnership and collaboration are all themes of the number 19. In order to be in collaboration, you have to set boundaries and be around situations that are inspiring and productive. It’s important for you to be dynamic and creative and fully self-expressive, and that is impossible to do if you are being drained by situations and people.

Regan Testimonial

The time is ripe with potential to transform your relationships, break through old patterns, make new choices in alignment with your goals, find true love, dive head-first into a new project or job – Reignite your life and purpose and catapult your success in 2016 to astounding new heights! It’s time for you to SHINE BRIGHT!

During VISION 2016 I will show you the true strength of your intention and provide you with useful, everyday rituals to transform your life and ultimately manifest your dreams into reality!

it is time for you to be the star of your own life!

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1315 Studios, 15 West 28th Street (bet. Broadway & 5th Avenue), NYC 10001


Friday January 22, 2016 – 6pm to 9pm

Saturday January 23, 2016 – 9am to 6pm

Sunday January 24, 2016 – 9am to 6pm


For your convenience, we have included two easy payment options. Make a one time full payment right now, or take advantage of our super simple payment plan and make one payment per month for the next twp months.

**Special Bring-A-Friend Promo** – Have a friend that you would love to bring to VISION 2016? GREAT! When you refer a friend who signs up for VISION as a 1st time attendee we will give you $50 back when you arrive at the event. The more friends you refer, the more you save!

After your friend registers for the event just email their name to and we’ll have your check waiting. Simple as that!



As a returning Visionaire you are entitled to our special alumni rate and flexible payment options. Make a one time full payment right now, or take advantage of our payment plan and make one payment per month for the next two months. We can’t wait to have you back for VISION 2016!

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