Seek inner wisdom

Strengthen your intuition

Open to greater abundance

Wake up from your illusion of separation

Move from fear to compassion

Find your tribe

Share your light

2018 takes us into the gates of Change; where you will shift into creativity imbued with passion and inspiration. Persistence is necessary as you begin a new cycle of manifestation and transformation.

Are you ready to EMERGE into the life you were born to live?

Pivot Your Energy; Change Your Life

2017 was a year of challenges. Now is the time to wake up to your highest inspirations and the frequency of expanded consciousness. This is a year to move into a new clarity, create a new structure and more grounded focus, and take strategic action. And you CANNOT do this alone.

We need a complete change in thinking about how to 

live in a radically changing world.

We need to look within to see where the 

imbalance is. Lasting change starts within us 

and this year’s Vision Workshop will give 

you a safe space to dive deeply.

2018 is a time for you to...

2018 is an 11 and 2 year, which calls forth strength, trusting your judgment, and creating a powerful foundation to manifest your dreams. Now is the time to renew your strength and lay the groundwork to bring your vision to life!

The number 11 is a high spiritual number (a card of strength in Tarot) which speaks to trusting your intuition and feelings and tapping into unlimited sources of strength. It calls for renewed passion and for creative expression, and speaks to the creation of a solid foundation to make these things possible. The number 2 represents the high priestess, our Divine Feminine who represents resourcefulness and trust in your intuition; She wants you to know that all the things you seek are also seeking you.

Our world has experienced intense disruption, and we have felt this both personally and collectively. Now more than ever is the time to come together to learn from recent events, gather and renew our collective strength, and to claim our rightful birthright in the world. We must renew our commitments to our callings and unleash our powers of intuition to guide us to all the abundance, happiness, and success we seek.

This year’s VISION Workshop will focus on leaving our lower mind thoughts in order to elevate our thinking and collectively renew our strength and commitments to creating the world we so greatly desire for ourselves and the world at large.

Open up space to release the things and people who pull you down or block your energy. The time is over to patch your boat. You need a new one.

Break the habits and ways of thinking that have controlled you.

Harness and call in a different frequency which will create new things and a different relationship with abundance.

Set clear intentions through our powerful rituals and exercises. They will activate a force that can propel you forward in a totally new way.

Begin to think in new ways. Allow in new ideas, people and projects.

Are You Ready To?

2017 was a wake up call and a chance to prepare for what is coming. Leave survival and fear behind as you honor your inner critic for “slowing you down” and helping you realize that this was simply a part of the process of living the wisdom path.

2018 is an auspicious time for creating projects that are aligned with the greater good. If you are ready to take this leap, your life can flourish.

Consider this year’s VISION Workshop the Spiritual MBA you need to manifest your desires; A masterclass in manifestation, energetic release & healing, and the powerful space you need to craft a new vision for the coming year.

It is time to write a new story...and it begins with a VISION.

2018 is a doorway to a new world. Come gather in a supportive community to raise our collective vibration. Arrive prepared to transcend the past. Leave ready to write the next chapter of your life.

What you can expect at Vision 2018

Vision 2018 is about learning from the lessons of our recent past, renewing our strengths, and discovering the tools, inspiration, and network to manifest the life you so greatly desire. As we tap into the fears and blocks that impede our progress, we will learn more about true compassion and how to love, care for, and express our authentic selves.

Through soul-searching exercises, powerful rituals, meditation, and a collective commitment to transformation, we will gain clarity about the kind of life we want to create and a heightened focus on how to use our own intuition and strengths to get what we want. From this grounded place, you will be prepared to create and execute a VISION for the next (and best!) year of your life.

During this workshop, Barbara Biziou will support and guide you on the journey to tapping into unique strengths and unlimited resources that will support your unique vision.

How can Vision 2018 help you harness the

power you need?

  • You’ll take part in powerful meditations and exercises designed to help you tap into your highest intuition
  • You'll let go of trapped feelings and emotions during Barbara's powerful Fire Release Ritual and drumming circle
  • You'll be immersed in a transformational sound bath and healing 
  • You'll set the tone for the rest of year by taking part in a powerful vision collaging exercise
  • You’ll connect with a like-minded community who will serve as a source of positive inspiration and support.

Are YOU ready to release what no longer serves you in order to receive all the gifts that await you?   


We gather on Friday evening to begin our commitment to this powerful experience, preparing our minds and bodies for the work that is to be done. Our time together is quiet, introspective, and dedicated to setting the intentions we wish to manifest over this weekend.


On Saturday, we will immerse ourselves in a powerful sound healing session designed to help you open the pathways to emotional release, healing and revitalization by utilizing the power of your voice.

We will release what no longer serves us in our annual Fire Release Ritual, allowing us to let go of anything that drags us down and prevents us from achieving our dreams and goals. We leave to spend the evening in solitude and quiet reflection.


We seal our practice starting Sunday evening with the crafting of your own unique vision. You’ll walk away with a juicy road-map to get what you most desire in life and a practical toolkit to make it happen.

Vision Weekend Agenda

Vision 2018 Special Guests

Sound Healer, Joule L'adara

Joule L’adara, Master of Fine Arts in Multi-Focus Vocal Performance and Integrated Media, has twenty years of experience singing and performing. She has donned many roles including: Experimental Vocalist, Opera Singer, Musical Theater Performer, Actor, Performance Artist, Visual Artist, Recording Artist, Political Activist, Music Producer, Song Writer, Audio Engineer, Performance Coach, Voice Teacher, and Sound Healer.

Joule is the founder of Sounding Circles, a company dedicated to unleashing people’s self-expression, creativity, and personal power through their voices. 

Throughout the weekend we will enjoy a variety of delicious tea blends expertly created and prepared by Miriam Novalle of the T-Salon.

Registration for Vision 2018 is now open!

The Details:

Date: Friday, January 26th to Sunday, January 28th 

Time: 6pm to 9pm on Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturday & Sunday

Location: MEET in SoHo

466 Broome Street

4th Floor

New York, NY 10013

For your convenience, we have included two easy payment options. Make a one time full payment right now OR for a limited time, take advantage of our super simple payment plan and make one payment per month for the next three months!

As a returning Visionaire you are entitled to our special alumni rate and flexible payment options. Make a one time full payment right now OR take advantage of our payment plan and make one payment per month for the next three months. We can’t wait to have you back for VISION 2018!


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