Jennifer Love TestimonialBarbara Biziou TestimonialBarbara has the rare ability to combine life coaching with spiritual tools spiced with business tips. The moment you walk in the door you feel at ease and supported by her.

Barbara is so genuine and is constantly looking for ways to help you grow your business and your life. You will undoubtedly make tremendous positive changes using her advice and practical tools.

Each session, you will leave feeling empowered, refreshed and knowing what steps you need to take. I adore Barbara and she is instrumental in my success and happiness!”

— Jennifer Love, Co-Founder & CEO at NibMor / Founder at

Life is full of many changes and challenges — from small to huge, from expected to surprising. I enthusiastically believe that each of us needs BOTH the wisdom of a trusted advisor and the support of powerful tools to step into our fullest potential. The president of every country and the CEO of every major company all rely on their advisors. Top athletes and sports teams all have their coaches. Grammy Award winning singers all have their voice trainers. Basically, each of the most successful people in our world have supportive experts to inspire, encourage and give them the necessary tools to catapult their dreams to the next level. I know I personally rely on (and have major gratitude for) a range of experts who keep me  moving forward and upward.  So … why wouldn’t you want the same tremendous boost of support for yourself or your company?  

Isn’t it time to take your business and life to the next level: EXTRAORDINARY!

With my extensive knowledge in practical spirituality, global rituals, psychology & neuroscience, I have developed easy to digest life & business tools that will ignite the crucial transformation you desire. Combining this with my inspirational teaching methods & time-tested solutions I help you towards achieving your ultimate goals. With over 30 years experience in the field working with many thousands of clients, I have consulted for such leading international companies as Coca-ColaWeight Watchers, Equinox and Coty Beauty as well as countless individuals. See what they have to say below.

Barbara Biziou TestimonialCoca ColaYour input was extremely valuable and I feel that our success is in a large part due to you. I felt very enriched by our sessions. I’m always delighted when I have the opportunity to spend time with such bright people who challenge and expand my thinking. You certainly did that and I look forward to working with you again in the near future. On behalf of the Cola-Cola company, our team and myself — many thanks!”

— Marcie Anthone, Market Development, The Coca-Cola Company

Barbara Biziou TestimonialCoty USI wanted to thank you and let you know how excited and inspired we became following your lecture and subsequent participation in our recent meeting. “Rituals”, as you taught us, help us deal with so many of the issues that we all face professionally and personally. Your guidance in helping us understand how we all need rituals in our lives, took our minds to a new level creatively, and our souls to a new place individually. And what fun it was, too!”

— Mary Manning, Senior Vice President Market Development, Coty US

American Management Association Barbara Biziou TestimonialBarbara is a dedicated seminar leader and facilitator for the American Management Association communications programs where she provides individuals and teams with the tools and techniques to improve their professional and personal relationships.  Her unique skill is to seamlessly weave together participants’ needs and problems with practical solutions – after taking a program with Barbara, people feel more confident and empowered to tackle those stressful relationships that have caused them problems and created stumbling blocks in their careers. I have respect for Barbara’s abilities, professionalism and emotional intelligence.”

— Susan Zeidman, Portfolio Manager/Communications & Management at American Management Association

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