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Barbara is a wise counselor, advisor, and guide whose insights have helped me grow even more self-aware, thoughtful, creative, and passionate both personally and professionally."

— Tai Beauchamp, TV Personality and Entrepreneur


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Create an intentional transformational experience for your life using the power of Ritual…

Taking the time to honor and respect an important life transition allows you to move forward feeling empowered for the next phase lying ahead.

Whether you’re on the verge of declaring your love to another, welcoming a new life into the world, celebrating a personal or professional milestone, or honoring the life of someone who is no longer with you, Barbara Biziou is skilled in creating and performing customized ceremonies for all of the important moments in your life.

Barbara skillfully creates each ceremony with her client’s desires at the forefront. As a leading Ritual Expert, Barbara brings a depth of hands on experience in cross cultural rituals and ceremonies from around the world and is always willing to craft the perfect ceremony to accommodate her client’s individual needs.

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Prosperity & Success Rituals

Ready to be a magnet for all you’ve ever wanted? Eager to let go of blocks (conscious and unconscious) so you can finally claim your full power and attract the riches you deserve?

I will show you how to open your eyes to the abundance all around you – and thereby master manifesting wealth. I am excited to share my powerful rituals for prosperity and success with you as an individual – or in a group setting.

Imagine gathering together a group of beloved friends and family members, and sharing a Prosperity Ritual! This fun and engaging ceremony is a perfect idea for celebrating job transitions, business openings, product launches, and moving into a more positive, abundant outlook overall.

“Barbara’s prosperity rituals have not only helped me to release my tension and stress around money, but they have also heightened my energy level and my ability to attract prosperous opportunities. A week after the last prosperity ritual, I closed a $25,000 deal and secured a meeting with a major specialty New York City department store. Yahoo!”- K.L.

Barbara has helped me clear negative energy and focus positive energy in my life. I am creating the vision and life of my dreams. Her ritual and meditation work is transformative.” — Emil Wilbekin, Editor/Writer/TV Personality/Style Expert

Wedding & Relationship Rituals

Looking for love? Imagine a hand-tailored ritual to open your heart and let love in!

We all want love. These rituals make us more available to receiving the love we desire and deserve. My clients have found that these rituals steer them towards more fulfilling relationships with those who matter most to them. My rituals have helped both men and women gain insight into their needs, strengths, wishes and expectations.

Allow me to prepare the perfect recipe to bring love into your life – or to revitalize love with your current partner. Many of my clients have found the partner of their dreams after participating in my rituals. I’ve even been blessed with officiating many of their weddings, in New York and all kinds of exotic locations. Soon to be followed by creating lots of happy baby blessings!

Some of my rituals and ceremonies include:

  • Wedding Rituals
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Vow Renewals
  • Bringing in New Love Rituals
  • Friendship Rituals
  • Bridal Shower Rituals
  • Baby Blessings

“We recently worked with Barbara to renew our vows and I only wish we had known her when we first got married. Our vow renewal is something we will remember forever.” — Atoosa Rubinstein, Former Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine

“Thank you so much for creating and holding such a sacred space for us on our wedding day. James and I were both moved deeply by your blessings and words to us and our friends and family. You helped us weave together a ceremony and celebration that was heartfelt and soulful for us and bonding for all who shared in that glorious day.” — James and Nicole Coppey

“When I needed to come up with the perfect gift for my best friend who was having a baby – after five years of trying – the only thing that would do was a ritual from Barbara, who offered the most beautiful right of passage for my friend’s journey of motherhood – and turned an everyday shower into a sacred experience everyone talks about, even 12 months later.” — Karen Robinovitz, co-founder Digital Brand Architects

Rituals to Strengthen Family Ties

Research shows that children remember the rituals of their childhood (bedtime, meals, bathing, holidays, etc…) more than all the presents they have received. With strong family rituals, kids have an anchor and foundation to help them withstand the stress of life and thereby be more willing to take risks.

  • Birthday Rituals
  • Becoming a Sister/Brother Rituals
  • Gotcha Day for Adopted Children Rituals
  • School Transition Rituals
  • New Home Rituals
  • Graduation Rituals
  • Seasonal Celebration Rituals
  • Releasing Your Adult Child (Cutting The Cord) Rituals

“We started working with Barbara before we got married. Her work has had a powerful impact on my family. Our kids look forward to her wisdom sharing and unbiased insights into all world religions.  Her work is a powerful tool with all families especially those with children.” — Elizabeth Cutler, Owner/Founder SoulCycle®

Rites of Passage Rituals and Ceremonies

Throughout our lives we experience a range of exciting (and oft times scary) transitions. Puberty. Graduation. Learning to drive. Going into the armed forces. Moving homes. Moving cities. Moving countries. Getting a new job. Changing jobs. Retiring.

My clients have found that rituals of transition help them segue from one circumstance to another, one year to the next, and one life stage to another. These tailor-made rituals provide them with perspective, clarity, and a sense of purpose, while at the same time calming any and all physical and emotional upheavals which often accompany change

Some of my Rites of Passage Rituals and Ceremonies include:

  • Ringing in the New Year Rituals
  • Moving into a New Home Ceremonies
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Sweet Sixteen Rituals
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • New Job or Promotion Rituals
  • Retirement Ceremonies

“In celebration of my early retirement I brought in Barbara to help me move forward in this time of transition. The ritual was very powerful and gave me closure and appreciation for those who had been in my life for so many years. The cup Barbara suggested I use in the ritual is still in my living room as a memory of my time with my boss – and looking at it daily brings me great joy.”   – Nancy Walsh, Former Deputy Commissioner of Social Services for Westchester County

Space Clearing & Blessings

Places collect energy – in the same way that your clothes and hair get dirty.  Just as you need to do the laundry and shower daily, spaces also need to be cleansed. This is especially important when you want to transform your life in a BIG way.

I believe that everything is alive, filled with spirit. Everything has an energetic field. It just so happens that quantum physics also agrees with me. There have been a multitude of research studies, which support that everything in our physical world is actually vibrating energy. Whenever I clear and bless a client’s space, I’m actually literally revitalizing and re-charging the energy in the atmosphere.  I love to help harmonize my clients’ spaces, so that they can bring in more joy and prosperity.  Space Clearings and Space Blessings are especially important to do after a breakup or divorce, so as to clear the space thereby allowing in new energy.

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” How very true! Home is the place where all of us seek shelter and comfort. This holds true whether you are moving into a new home – and want to sanctify the space. Or perhaps you are selling your current home – and want to infuse your home with positive/clear energy to attract the right buyer. Or, maybe you are opening a new office location for your company – and want to attract the best-fitting, positive clients. Whatever your needs, I will create a powerful blessing for your space- always keeping your family or employees in mind.

Some of my Rituals and Ceremonies include:

  • Space Clearing After A Break Up
  • Space Clearing For A  New Office
  • Blessing For A New Office
  • Blessing For the Launch Of A New Business
  • Blessing For the Launch Of A New Product
  • Blessing For A New Play/Movie
  • Space Clearing For A New Home
  • Blessing For A New Home
  • Blessing When Two People Move In Together
  • Space Clearing After A Major Life Challenge
  • Space Clearing At The Beginning of A New Year

“When I was changing the name of my store in Connecticut I wanted to change the energy inside of the store as well. After Barbara did a space clearing and blessing to begin a new chapter, people who came in to shop all commented that the store felt different… Much lighter and inviting! I am a believer. — Joan Horton, owner J Horton in Madison , Ct

Release & Healing Rituals

Holding onto negativity is like walking around with empty suitcases. When we finally put the suitcases down, we have the energy and resource to move forward.  For instance, after the tragedy of 911, I was brought in to create hand-tailored healing rituals for the American Red Cross, the Helen Keller Foundation and the New York Visiting Nurses Society – as well as countless personal clients.

I offer a range of Release and Healing Rituals and have also conducted many healing ceremonies for clients before they’ve gone into major surgery and/or chemotherapy.  I’ve officiated at  “Soul-e-brations” of those who have passed away. I’ve created divorce rituals to release old relationship, understand the lessons, and heal the heart. (You can read more about my work with Divorce Ritual on HERE.)

I love combining my global ritual knowledge and expertise to create a thoughtful and compassionate healing ritual to suit each of my client’s very personal needs. Whether it is healing for yourself or others, getting through serious medical procedures, or dealing with grief, I will create a positive ceremony to ease and uplift your spirit.

Some of my Rituals and Ceremonies include:

  • Rituals For Clearing Out The Old
  • Rituals For Releasing Fear and Anger
  • Rituals For Letting Go of Anxiety
  • Rituals For Memorial “Soul-e-brations”
  • Rituals For Divorce
  • Rituals For Healing from Trauma
  • Rituals For Healing from Illness
  • Rituals for Healing from the Loss of a Child
  • Rituals for Ancestral Healing
  • Rituals For Forgiveness

“Thank you for the gift of the ritual for peace. The beauty of your vision, your commitment to bringing it forward, the power of your love and more….all combine to lead us to peace within ourselves, in our relationships, communities and world. Wow! Thank you so very much.” — Mary Galeone, Director of the Mercy Center New York


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