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New York Open CenterBarbara Biziou TestimonialBarbara is a popular and dynamic teacher who has inspired many through her charismatic style and genuine warmth. Barbara’s classes consistently get rave reviews by her students.

Sandy Levine, Program Director, The NY Open Center

The first time I experienced the power of a group workshop, over 30 years ago, I knew that something special and magical had occurred.  In fact, many of the people I met way back then are still in my life today. There is nothing more supportive than sharing your journey with a group of like-minded people. The energy of a group can lift you up and cushion you when you most need support.  Each time I teach a group I learn something new and feel extremely luck to be able to inspire participants along the way.

I love giving simple, creative & practical spiritual solutions to the challenges of daily life.  All my workshops are interactive and tailored to helping you create the goals that reflect your deepest dreams with ancient and modern wisdom for success today.

Barbara Biziou TestimonialBarbara is a dedicated seminar leader and facilitator for the American Management Association communications programs where she provides individuals and teams with the tools and techniques to improve their professional and personal relationships.  Her unique skill is to seamlessly weave together participants’ needs and problems with practical solutions – after taking a program with Barbara, people feel more confident and empowered to tackle those stressful relationships that have caused them problems and created stumbling blocks in their careers. I have respect for Barbara’s abilities, professionalism and emotional intelligence. 

Susan Zeidman, Portfolio Manager/Communications & Management at American Management Association

Beyond my various practical spirituality and ritual workshops these are some of my favorite offerings for you to explore below. Workshops can be created and customized to your needs.  If you’d like to BOOK me for your group or company, write to: And … if you have any questions, please feel to ask! 

Vision 2015: Dare to Dream



Take a moment to feel inside…check in with your heart and soul…and listen for that deep small voice that says, “I am ready to step into the life I was born to live.”

Can you envision saying YES to be and live all you are worth?

My VISION WORKSHOP, now in its 20th year, was designed with you in mind. How can I help you move forward?


Say YES to release old patterns so you can honestly explore and reconnect with your truest self.

Say YES to clarifying what’s most important, discovering your passion, your purpose and establishing new and effective choices.

The New Year is a perfect time to reset, recharge and re-evaluate what you really want out of life. Is it your time to give birth to new possibilities? Are you ready to shed the layers of the old self and step into the new You?

I believe it is important to take time at the beginning of each year to review the past, see what you have outgrown, and assess what will assist in your growth to move forward. You now have the opportunity to start fresh, to make new choices, and fulfill many hoped-for blessings.

Perhaps you have been feeling the desire to change direction in some area of your life, or maybe you’re ready to fully step into your greatness and stop playing small.

Whatever your inner voice is asking of you, it is also calling you to be greater, to dream bigger and to be daring in your pursuits!

Hillel the Elder said, If I am not for myself, who is? And when I am for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?”

Maybe by reading these words you will recognize that NOW is the time to open yourself up to the New You with new possibilities.


  • Reconnect with your creative power and unique gifts through art, movement, meditation, practical exercises, sound and ritual.
  • Honor and release your emotional and psychological blocks.
  • Participate in a powerful Mayan Divination Ritual to get clarity on the forces that are supporting you.
  • Gain creative ideas, inspiration, and new perspectives from a like-minded community committed to supporting your Vision.
  • Take part in powerful exercises designed to help you unleash and crystallize new possibilities for the year ahead.
  • Bring your innermost dreams to life through the construction of your own personal Vision Collage.
  • Learn important tools you can easily implement to manage daily stress, sustain energy, and stay on track with your Vision for the whole year.

My VISION Workshop has been going strong for 20 years because it works  and in a HUGE way! I’ve witnessed the powerful and potent energy which occurs when a passionate and determined group of people meet to combine together their hearts, bodies, minds & visions. United as a force of focused intention, it’s far easier (and more fun!) to produce tangible life-improving results.

The time is ripe with potential to transform your relationships, break through old patterns, make new choices in alignment with your goals, find true love, dive head-first into a new project or job – Reignite your life and purpose and catapult your success in 2015 to astounding new heights! Live the Life You Were Meant to Live! 

During VISION 2015 I will show you the true strength of your intention and provide you with useful, everyday rituals to transform your life and ultimately manifest your dreams into reality! This year WILL be bigger and better than ever! I am including new rituals and ceremonies to get you connecting and manifesting your true desires immediately. You DO NOT want to miss this! THIS IS YOUR TIME. DARE TO DREAM!!!

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How people have benefited from my VISION WORKSHOP:

“This weekends vision workshop was truly extraordinary. There was such amazing energy that flowed throughout the weekend, like the waves of the ocean.  Truly empowering, inspiring, & invigorating.” Jan Goldstoff

“Since I’ve been going [to Vision] for the past 8 years, I’ve completely transformed my life from someone who could barely pay their rent on time and working in jobs that drained my energy, to living with financial security and using my innate talents and skills every day at a job I love!” Michelle C

“Having so many energetic and open and supportive people come together is an amazing experience. New ideas are manifested in ways I never expected.” — Susan S

“Vision is like an oasis for seekers in our super fast paced, chaotic city existence. It’s a beacon for our inner light to connect to and shine. It’s a bottomless well of creativity, connection & soul nourishing ritual that help to propel you powerfully into the year ahead. Plus you walk away with a juicy roadmap for what you want most in life and a practical toolkit to make it happen. With the continued power of intentioned focus & direction, each year my vision board unfolds magically into reality & helps to manifest my extraordinary life. Thank you Barbara!” Lainie Love Dalby

Spirituality & the City Series

Have you ever wanted to go on a spiritual pilgrimage far away from home with world renowned teachers, but can’t seem to find the time or budget to go? Now is your chance! Get out your passport and prepare to see the world without having to go to an airport or even pack a bag. Join global ritual expert Barbara Biziou for her brand new adventure series, ‘SPIRITUALITY AND THE CITY’! In each location you will discover the spiritual practices & ancient rituals of other cultures, be guided with intuitive techniques to reclaim your energy from past lives and so much MORE! Each unique journey will render you completely transformed, totally energized and possessing a deeper understanding of your life journey.

With each tailored ‘SPIRITUALITY AND THE CITY’ experience you will receive:

  • Instruction in opening up your intuitive self
  • Past life wisdom, themes and symbols that will help you in your life today
  • Information on spiritual practices & ancient rituals of other cultures
  • Over thirty years of knowledge working within the wisdom traditions
  • Overall nurturing for your mind, body & soul

Here’s what people are saying!

“In just one morning I healed more emotional issues than in the last 20 years … a profound thank you to you both. My life will not be the same. I will never be the same I am changed for the GOOD. The transformation began probably as soon as I signed up for this “trip” and continued throughout the tour and will keep going. I am more whole, more balanced, more in love with myself, able to move through my life with more grace, ease and love.” Carol W

Pathways to Prosperity

Experience the Power of Ritual to change your life & become financially FREE! Release blocks that have prevented you from achieving the prosperity you deserve and unlock the gateway to abundance. Discover how to attract the resources you need to manifest your vision and focus your attention on your dreams and desires. It’s time to move from surviving to thriving with the ritual event that has continued to dramatically shift people’s lives over the years.

During this experiential event you will:

  • Learn simple tools to develop an attitude of wealth & everlasting abundance
  • Clarify your intentions for money making & cultivate a ‘millionaire mindset’
  • Release blocks that have prevented you from achieving the prosperity you deserve
  • Shift your long-term financial outlook — even a small shift will begin to change your financial condition
  • Add limitless value to your everyday life
  • Learn a special chant to release negative money karma and one to bring in prosperity
  • Learn special mantras to release blocks and negative karma
  • Take home powerful affirmations including a money drawing mantra
  • Learn to charge money

“I left that ritual a changed woman. Within one week, out of nowhere, I was booked as a regular on a television show making great money. Two weeks after that, I was booked to perform on an international tour, which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Once my thinking was shifted, my new confidence around prosperity opened up doors for me. It really works! Thank you, Barbara!” — Veronica Varlow

The Sizzle Factor: Love Rituals

Are you ready to get spicy? Do you want to become magnetic to your soul mate and other important people in your life? Let’s face it: living without love is not an option!

Whether you desire bringing in a new relationship or strengthening the one you already have, this dynamic evening of love rituals will begin with the importance of self-love, forgiveness, awakening your heart and honoring yourself. Once that is accomplished, you can be more open to creating relationships that nurture and fulfill your higher purpose. As you awaken your heart center and practice soul love, you draw to yourself new friends and lovers, especially those who can match your new capacity to love. Re-affirm your faith in equal partnerships and true love with this immersive event.

Clients have reported miraculous changes after this ritual…

“After doing a love ritual with Barbara, I met my husband within a few months and ended up getting married and having a baby. She helped me to totally transform my ideas about love and relationships in this short evening which led me to the man of my dreams.” A.G.

If you’d like to BOOK me for your group or company, write to: And…If you have any questions, please feel to ask!